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Top Russian Mail Order Bride Sites 

How single Russian brides can become excellent wives? Know more about these women

Description: Russian mail order brides are the premium choice for caring and affectionate men, who likes to embrace the warm-hearted women ready for love and marriage. We are talking in the article about their advantages and top dating sites to use

Going to find a Russian bride? It’s a great choice. They are perfect wife material — traditional, beautiful, perfect mothers and housekeepers, etc. But of course, that’s not enough and of course, you want to know more about Russian mail order brides before you marry one of them. Is this whole idea worth anything? Why thousands of Western men go crazy about them? What about marriage with a Russian girl? Our experts will provide all the answers right here! Oh, and of course, you’ll also find the list of the safest and trusted dating sites here. Let’s go!

Find a wife from Russia: Short guide on Russian mail order brides

It’s not so difficult, actually. Well, it was extremely difficult to find a foreign woman 20, 50, and 200 years ago. People had to wait for weeks and write lots of letters, it was a time-consuming and expensive process, and there was always a hint of uncertainty. 20 years ago, men who exchanged letters with ladies couldn’t be sure that these women were real. Now, you can be sure that you’re talking to a real person, and you can make sure that she looks exactly like her profile photo.

Mail order brides facts for foreign men

It’s all about mail bride websites. They’ve turned the game around, created a whole new industry, and made everything much easier for the Western men (and for women from Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe). Now, you can literally find a wife in a few clicks. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here’s what you’ll do:

This algorithm looks fantastically simple, but as you probably know, the devil is always in the details. Like, how to make sure that the service is safe? How to understand that the ladies are real? Should you test every website by yourself?

As we’ve already said, we’ll give all the answers right now. Facts, tips, answers, everything about the marriage with a Russian girl, and of course, etc. When you finish reading this article, you will understand how all this mail bride thing works. We’ll start with the facts — and we can bet you’ll be surprised by some of them. Let’s go!

Find Russian bride: Where to get the lists of Russian ladies

We’ll talk about the cool features of hot Russian women a little bit later. Here, it’s time to talk about top-5 interesting facts — and at least two of them will certainly convince you to find a website with single Russian women! 

It’s not a new term

Several hundred years ago, during the Westward expansion and Gold Rush, the women from the West wanted to start a new life. During the same period, thousands of men from Asia migrated to America, and it makes sense that there were thousands of Asian women who wanted to start a new life with a man of the same ethnicity as themselves. There were several waves of mail brides — from the 1700s to the 1800s, people from the American East, American West, and Asia (mainly China) exchanged letters, send each other photos, got married, and created families. Now, everything has changed — but the trend “women want to start a new life and travel from developing to developed countries” stays the same. However, the whole process has become much cheaper and faster. We’ll talk about it later. 

Where to meet Russian bride online

It’s actually the best way to find a foreign lady. Yes, there are lots of other things you can do. Like, you can travel to the destination country and try to pick up a girl on the street. But there are two problems: first, it’s too expensive, and second, you’ll have to be very good at picking up girls… and don’t forget about the language barrier. Are you so good at Spanish? What about Russian or Ukrainian? Do you know Chinese/Japanese/Korean to use it verbally? Anyway, you’ve got the idea. 

But there’s Tinder, you might say. Well, yes, there is Tinder, and it can even help you… But the problem is that If you only need a one-night stand or a hookup, Tinder is exactly what you need. But if you want something deeper and something more long-term, let’s face it, that’s not the best app in the world. 

Single Russian women

Traditional family with traditional gender roles. It’s a subjective thing, of course, and lots of people might disagree, but we believe that it’s the best feature of these ladies. They do <i>really</i> want to have a family, so you will not hear anything like “it’s too early” or “I don’t want to have kids” from your potential Russian bride (but in reality, it’s not only about the females from this country; they all are very family-oriented).

Meet Russian bride

It can be dangerous, but not for you. Yeah, lots of men had problems with all those dating services. Some have lost money because they used scam websites. Some had problems with fake profiles. The others have sent money, which is a red flag (because they never met each other). However, you shouldn’t worry about it at all. Here, you will find the safest and the most trusted database of Russian brides — all these services are double-checked, they all are 100% safe, and they all have a fantastic reputation. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Beautiful Russian girls

You will most likely not find a mail-bride from Western Europe, USA, and Scandinavia. The main reasons for these women to migrate are domestic abuse and poor economics. That’s why it’s quite logical that only the girls from developing countries want to find a man from the USA/Western Europe. 

Beautiful Russian girls 

Top-5 tips on how to find Russian bride (and how to attract her). Here, we’ll explain what factors to consider before arranging a date.

It’s all about safety

Yes, we’ve already talked about it. But we’ll say it again because it’s extremely important. The point is, you do not want to lose time, money, or even personal information — so you should either check all the safety certificates or use any Russian mail order bride website from our list.

Have realistic expectations when dating hot russian women

Thousands of beginner daters make this mistake, but you surely don’t want to become one of them. Let’s imagine the situation when you create an account without a photo, forget to write the description, and dozens of 10/10 girls send you the first messages. They say that they would like to talk, to video chat, and even to meet you. Doesn’t it sound a little suspicious? So, always be honest to yourself and have realistic expectations — if lots of supermodels send messages to your empty and boring profile, it’s something like a red flag. Or an orange flag, maybe. But it’s suspicious in 100% of times.

Don’t limit yourself to one Russian mail order bride website

The point is, there are two types of such sites. The sites that fall into the first category provide the full pack of services — from translation services to booking the hotel room. It makes sense that these sites are much more expensive than the sites that don’t offer a full pack of services — but they will take you from A to Z for this money. If you want to save money, you should try the sites from the first category, but if you want them to do almost all the work for you, you’ll have to pay more. That’s how it works.

Russian culture is great. Try to understand it 

Want to meet Russian bride? Then don’t ignore her culture. Don’t forget that you’ll talk to a lady whose culture is completely different — she lives literally on the other side of the world! Maybe, your parents will never be able to fully reconcile some of the differences. Some of the norms and beliefs in Russia are quite difficult to understand, but you’ll 100% solve this problem. But to do it, read something about the culture of this country, browse Reddit and some other sites, do your best — and you won’t be disappointed.

Be a gentleman. It’s very important

One of the main reasons why beautiful Russian girls prefer Americans is that they are sure that foreign men are real gentlemen and that they are very polite, respectful, and caring. Well, that’s true, in one way. But it doesn’t make you a better man just because of your passport — you will have to act like a one. Open doors for her, take care of her, pay bills (it’s a must-do, so don’t tell her that you’re going to split bills), etc. Yeah, it may sound a little outdated, but it really works when it comes to these ladies!

Always bring gifts… But don’t send money

It’s another part of their culture — you just can’t go on a date without flowers or another small gift (the chocolate bar will also work, as well as her favorite perfume). However, you shouldn’t go too radical and send her money, even if she tells you that she needs it right now. The thing is, real Russian brides will never ask you for money, so if you see such messages, just block these profiles and report abuse.

Russian women: Do they make good Russian wives?

In short: yes, they are perfect wives. Let’s talk about the reasons for that.

The best features of Russian brides

You’ve probably heard about Russian beauty, loyalty, and femininity. That’s 100% true, but that’s not all — so let’s take a look at all the reasons why everyone loves these ladies!

Russian brides: What does database of Russian brides look like?

Single Russian women are beautiful

Of course, we want to mention their beauty first. The point is: everyone knows about it, and “Russian Beauty” has now become a real brand. Take a look at the Russian brides (photo) — thousands of profiles of Russian women have lots of professional photos and even videos, which allow you to understand what a Russian beauty really is. They can have black or white hair, they can have an athletic body or a skinny body, their eyes may be black, green, or blue, but there’s one thing 99% of them have in common: they all look gorgeous. Damn, we are sure you’ll love it.

Real Russian brides want to have a family

Yeah, you’ve probably heard about this fact, too. The traditional culture of this country makes them perfect wives, housekeepers, and mothers — so the coolest part of the story is that they really want to clean, cook, as well as take care of husband and kids! 

Russian lady is well-educated

This country has lots of good universities, and this country does also provide tuition-free education to its citizens, so we can safely say that every girl you’ll communicate with has graduated college or university. They are really smart and intelligent — well, we’re sure that you’ll see it with your own eyes.

Russian wives are supportive and loyal

Here come the things every man dreams about — your Russian wife will always stay by your side, whatever happens. It’s not empty words — these ladies just don’t cheat, don’t lie to their men, and they don’t leave their men usually.

Russian wives

And of course, they are very feminine 

If you’re tired of feminism, Russia is exactly the country you should think about. Yeah, young girls are quite Westernized here, but in their own way. They know how to dress fashionably, they love American culture, and they can speak English very well. However, they are definitely not what we call radical feminists — they are feminine and womanly, which is just great.

Why do Russian girls want to find an American man?

There are two main reasons. We have already talked about them — now, we’ll be a little more detailed.

Because of better life 

Lots of people from developing countries believe that the USA is a perfect country. Well, it’s not too far from the truth — the USA has pretty good medicine, high salaries, a low unemployment rate, and a great educational level. The ladies from Russia want to have a better life — and we can’t judge them. 

Because of American men 

No, really. Even if you think that American men are not the best in the world, they are still better than their counterparts from the Russian Federation. American men know how to listen, they are empathetic, funny, and interesting. And they act like real gentlemen, btw! 

Marriage with Russian women: What to know about it

Russians have lots of interesting wedding traditions, and you’ll have to know everything about them before your wedding day. Let’s talk. 

Russian wife traditions and customs

“Tamada”. It’s a comedian or an entertainer throughout the wedding. He will help to maintain the fun and to offer interesting entertainments during the wedding — these specialists are quite expensive, but they are a must-have for every good wedding.

“Kidnapping”. Yes, they will kidnap your bride, and you’ll have to buy her out via challenges. Well, at least these weddings are not boring, right? 

Eating bread. The bride’s mother will give you a big loaf of their traditional bread, and you two (you and a bride) will have to take a bite. The one whose bite is bigger will be the new head of the family. Well, the chances to win are quite high.

Marriage with Russian brides – What should be pointed out?

What else to know about marriage with a woman from this country? Here’s another important fact: this whole wedding thing will probably be very stressful for her. It’s a constant stress for a bride, actually — she’ll prepare for a wedding, make a guest list, find a cafe, shoes, dress, etc, etc. It’s a very time-consuming and difficult process, and your bride will have to go through it — so don’t forget to support her during this period. She’ll appreciate that! 

Russian brides services: How to find Russian mail order bride websites? 

There are hundreds of dating services with lists of Russian ladies, but of course, not all of them are legit. However, all the sites you’ll find here are 100% legit — because our experts have done their best and spent long days to filter out all the scam, fake, and suspicious services. You can choose any site from our list, and it will not disappoint you! 

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